Cone News
Stewart Russell's "The Scottish Cone!", signed by all 4 Soft Boys, fetched a stunning $142.48 (100 GBP) on eBay recently!

Cone Links
The Museum Of Robyn Hitchcock: Robyn's Official Website
Fegmaniax!: The best little Robyn Hitchcock web page around. Learn of the Pied Piper of Cones himself.
Champion America: Want to purchase some actual traffic cones? Check out the colored cones!
The Traffic Cone Preservation Society: Just what it says. The Definitive Cone site. Check out a slew of cone-artwork, cone histories, and a ton of links. They sell some nifty pigmy cones here too.
Road Cone: A record label that releases "underground rock, improv, and quasi-electronic/concrete recordings with a focus on artists who transcend narrow genre identities".

Other Assorted Links
A stunning site by the best local artist (and coffee-wench) I know.
A great local street-folk dog...I mean songwriter.


Cones presented without permission.
All cone artwork © Robyn Hitchcock.