Virtual Cone Museum by James Dignan
(Sung to the tune of Robyn Hitchcock's "Tropical Flesh Mandala")

Lying out there on the net, was a pleasant space
In the reach of me and you, in its special place
Virtual Cone...Museum
Virtual Cone...Museum
Pointers from our Robyn's Feggy list
Told me of the things that I had missed...

So I too another look, for something to download
When I opened up the file, conical things showed!
Virtual Cone...Museum
Virtual Cone...Museum
On the list there's feelers and there's toast
Giving us some more reasons to post...

The list was covered in Robynlust from Susan and from Kay
Playlists, tabs and Messerschmidts, until that fateful day
Virtual Cone...Museum
Virtual Cone...Museum
When nothing but some crop circles were found
With tiny little quail's eggs all around...

Many thanks to James Dignan, Dunedin, New Zealand (Member of the Fegmaniax mailing list).

Cones presented without permission.
All cone artwork © Robyn Hitchcock.