An autumn night distraction
A piece of yellow star
Next county's lighthouse beacon
Faint headlights from a passing car
Stroke the night with a light
That shines in through your window
Says "come outside...with me"

Out past abandoned hay fields
Stands a figure uniformed
A statue in the moonlight
A soldier and his gun
Made of limestone and cracked alabaster
With algae green clear to his head

The silent forest beckons you
The crunch of leaves underfoot
Trails now long forgotten here
An old shack of rotting wood
  And the blood in the ground
  The mournful howling of a lost and fearful hound
  In the distance...

The politicians grumble
While the wars go by unchecked
Military memoranda
Subsequent peacetime neglect
Staunch republic lovers
With their children in the high school marching band
Young fireflies are swarming
They've come to light...light our darkened land
   And the blood in the ground
   Flows on by now without a sound
   In the distance...
©Mike Runion, 1999