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The DVD is finally here!

Mike Runion: Live At Nature's Haven DVD

Includes the songs:
Desolation Dream
A Million Things
2000 Bolts Of Lightning
Small Town
Hole In The Fence
Fourth Of July
She Said
false eyelashes
Love You 'Til The Day I Die
It Was So
River Swollen
Sail Away Sail Away
I'm Going Home

Mike Runion – acoustic guitar, vocals
Peter Wells – mandolin, electric guitar
© 2006
Released February 2007

The "Plugged" E.P.


a million things
false eyelashes
long before i go
Down County Line

Mike Runion – guitar, vocals, percussion
Terry Kelly – harmonica, buried “Hey hey alright”
the whole shebang ©Mike Runion, 2004
Plugged photo by A. McGowan
Airstream Traffic courtesy of H. Frances
Released in 2005

The "Dust Me" E.P.


rope of days (listen)
barely awake
the man who slipped through the skylight (and got lost in the void)
chinese bones (live)

All songs ©Mike Runion, 2002
except track 4 ©Robyn Hitchcock, 1988
Chinese Bones recorded live at Jerry Daze 2002 by Sam Malesky
Dust Me finger art by Troy Cryder
Released in 2003

The Red Velvet Couch E.P.


Desolation Dream
Live A Love Song
The Ballad Of Alistair McGowan
Short Song
Sail Away Sail Away (Live)
Drowning (Live)
+ bonus track: You And I

All songs ©Mike Runion, 1999-2001
Front Cover Art by Malina Runion
Released in 2001



Kool Beanz - Home Away From Home
A live collection of Florida Folk Artists
East Coast Setting Sun
Released in 2000

Tinfoil Thoths - Songs from the Globe of Fegs
Original songs from the Fegmaniax mailing list. Includes:
rope of days
Released in 2004