Barely Awake (Song Eleven)

Sitting by the water, listening to lore
Cut it with a knife, you can stab it with a fork
You can sail to Ireland, you can fly to New York
(New York...grand old lady, New York)

Dozing in the winter, shiver and shake
The paint is a-peeling, it's starting to flake
You can swim Ocachobee or the Great Salt Lake

   Cause I'm barely awake, if your asking
   I'm barely awake

Picking in the evening, sun's gone away
The air growing colder, so much for today
You can go to Egypt, you can drive to LA
(LA...hip hop hippety hooray)

Humming in the lamplight, whiskey and gin
Doggie on the doorstep, he wants to come in
You can walk to Paris, take a train to Berlin
(Berlin...again and again)

Writing songs at midnight, I'm dry as a bone
Singing to the spirits, so many so alone
You can soar to the moon, then turn to come home
Come home
Home...come home

   But I'm barely awake, just to warn you
   I'm barely awake
   I am barely awake, thanks for asking
   I'm barely awake
©Mike Runion, 2002
Available on the "Dust Me" CD-single