Desolation Dream

Welcome my dear to my desolation dream
Where puppies mate with apricots and flowers pulse with steam
There's cardboard in the cupboards
And lazyboys for the lovers
And bursts of light float from above in polyester streams

Welcome fair lady to my desolation heart
Where logic and shrill laughter do it stiffly in the dark
A rhythmic parlez vous
France to me and you
Staring from behind barbed wire unsure of where to start

Welcome my friend to my desolation place
Machines of love and power stuggle with amazing grace
A window black with starshine
And a burgundy bed of wine
Where peddlers twirl with passion at a slow symphonic pace

  Outside you sense the falling of the desolation snow
  There's everywhere to run but there's nowhere left to go
  Sit beside me here and listen
  Listen cold and clear
  To the glow of my song and the feel of my hand
  It'll tell you
  Tell you all I know
©Mike Runion, 1999
Available on "The Red Velvet Couch E.P." CD