East Coast Setting Sun

Prelude: Setting Sun Part II Who do you want to be? What do you want to see? Lookin' down at the reflections in the floor Of the people who gave you all of this and more Where are you gonna live? What are you gonna give? Lookin' up at the clear and gently rolling sky Ain't no use getting angry and asking why How do you plan to pay? What do you expect to say? Lookin' out for the dogs barking at your heels Rest assured 'cause this is how it feels When are you gonna stand? And lift your trembling hand? Lookin' in at the sparks of your inner mind Blazing away and letting the you within you shine...
Sitting alone by the sea A cold bottle of beer and me Feeling the waves come slithering up the sand Watching cruise ships sailing away for another land A baby down on the beach Her shovel just out of reach She cries for the help of her mother standing by Ready to wipe the tear from her frightened eye The sun she's dropping down Looking for a hole in the ground Little children laughing on the shore Tiny birds snatching food and searching around for more Whey-hey-hey-heeeey...Hey hey A-way-hey-hey The wind is fast yet frail Seagulls perched on the rail The pier is filled with people from the day Pining for adventure but looking the other way Margaritaville fills the air I could cringe but I really don't care Hey because...Robyn Hitchcock lives in my headphones (and there he sings) Neutral Milk Hotel and Vic Chesnutt, he's in the wings Whey-hey-hey-heeeey...Hey hey A-way-hey-hey The Milky Way starts to shine Twinkling little ocean invades my mind The rush and pull of all that exists right here (and right now) On this warm old strip of land I hold so dear I stand and head for home Westward I begin to roam The moon and stars are lost in the causeway lights The wind and waves and sand all disappear for another night Hey-heeeeeeeeeeey A-way-hey-hey
©Mike Runion, 1998
Available on the "Home Away From Home - Kool Beanz" CD