Further From Athens

Stopped by your house just the other day
Found your tooth on the stoop in a jar of clay
A backyard swing with a lock of your hair
Your barking dog said stay away from there
   And I growled right back at him

Some are black and some are green
Your mailbox whistled for me to come and see
I found your letter stuffed deep inside
And when I read it out loud hey man I almost died
   I died out laughing

   At the top of the bridge a copper penny shone
   Saying "Take me please sir, don't leave me alone!"
   I leaned over the side, estimated the drop
   3.7 seconds later I heard the plop
      And kept on walking

Salamandar seas and the Pope of Rome
Bishops on their knees under piles of stone
A little girl laughing deep inside my breast
Think I'll take a pill and have an hour's rest
   On this side of tomorrow
   You know man I feel your sorrow
   So might you have a dollar that I could borrow?

The bubble was rising up from the deep
I stared over the edge and felt I had to weep
A tiny glint of light from well inside
Made me run for cover, turn my back and hide
   From the head up on your shoulders
   From the dirty rank patchouli-loving deadhead on your shoulders
   Oh yeah

   And when the rain came down people said "beware"
   You might just have to find an easy chair
   The weatherman was looking fit and trim
   Still I threw a fit and I berated him
      For his choice of hairstyle

My pocket gameboy fisherman
Casts his hood about like it was all a sin
A firm massage and a piece of cheese
Saying "Howdy ma'am, I'm only here to please you"
   "And no, I don't take plastic"

Eighty odd years in this den of thieves
Makes me cross myself, question my beliefs
How many fingers am I holding up?
Take a few minutes to piss here in this cup
   We're just checking your status
   'Cause we noticed you looking at us
   Don't do that boy

   The silent sun it crests on the ridge
   There's cold beer and chips nestled in my fridge
   The dying rays warn me to forget
   What I said to you on the day that you left me
      "Adios mi amiga"

You came rolling down in full luxury
With your corncob pipe full of fairy weed
Your eyes they stretched across today's front page
Where the millenium was all the rage
   And I said "How goes it?"
   You said "How goes it?"

   The cat you keep in your friend's backyard
   Plays strip poker with a deck of old trump cards
   He rubs his skull with his brain is thick
   And begs for you to hold him when he's sick
      He's got kitty-asthsma

   Time is full of bees and bouncing checks
   From the suburb of Prague with its minarets
   Then again I don't think they have those there
   I must be mixing it up with some other-where
      That I found in the Bible
      When I went on down to the revival
      I saw it dead there on the table
      Beneath an autographed poster of Betty Grable
      Betty Grable, oh yeah, Betty Grable

Now let's bring it down and end this thing
My brain's all fried, call me a ding-a-ling
The world is silent and your moon is white
So snuggle up to me as we say goodnight
   Snuggle up to me as we say goodnight
   Struggle up to me as we say goodnight
      As we drift further from Athens
      As we drift further from Athens, G.A.
©Mike Runion, 1999