Fury Creeping

Fury creeping and I don't know why
Turn my cheek you slap me silly shy
Tell me pieces of an aging yarn
Stitch a quilt and keep it in the barn
   A place to follow and a place to sit
   An autumn pool in which to take a dip
   I wanna lie and look up at the sky
   I wanna rest and have...a little cry

Highway cruising just a-speeding by
Radio blasting soothing lullabies
The top is down and the wind it is harsh
We're zipping crazy through this dried up marsh
   You howl a tune and you howl it strong
   You flash a smile like there's nothing wrong
   I wanna grab you here and testify
   I wanna burst and shout...a screaming sigh

Off down the street I hear a Dylan song
Not sure which one, man but is sure is long
Something 'bout rain a-falling hard
Well I'm sweating buckets out here mowing the yard
   A sparkle shine the window opens wide
   You flash bare titties calling me inside
   I wanna drop it all and stop and run
   I wanna have a heap...of rolling fun

There I sat October '99
At a South Carolina rest stop just wasting time
The highway fumes they made me a little sick
But I just sat there and thought of you and that did the trick
It did the trick
   But now we're older and it's still the same
   You occupy a space here in my brain
   You roll around within my cerebellum
   And I damn sure love you
   That's what I tell 'em
   That's what I tell them right now
   That's what I told them way back when
   That's what I'll tell them when you're gone
   That's what I'll tell them when you're gone
   That's what I'll tell them now that you're gone

Fury creeping and I don't know why
©Mike Runion, 1999