Godforsaken Place

There's a light coming from that star
It's travelled many miles, pretty far
Making a straight line for where you are
It found you, yeah, I think it found you
   It flitters 'cross your body
   It falls upon your face
   It touches everything in this
   Godforsaken place

Taste the salty wind blowing through this land
Raking all the vegetation with sand
It is all so real?  Is it all so grand?
Maybe, yeah, maybe it is
   It speckles 'cross the dashboard
   In this elusive race
   It breathes on everything in this
   Godforsaken place

Snow once crispy now begins to melt
Try to conjure up just how it was you felt
We all must play the hand which we are dealt
Sometimes we win, yeah, sometimes
   And then it all goes silent
   It leaves without at trace
   All that's left is you and me in this
   Godforsaken place

   But then they saw you running
   Though the daylight raining
   And the strain that it puts around your heart
   In this dark
   Forsaken place
©Mike Runion, 2002