She said "Lift me up I need
To get that box down from the attic
The one with all the letters
And the cards that you once sent me."
He replied "I can't right now
This crappy picture is all static
The game's already started
And I'm trying to fix the TV."

She said "How's about a nice night out
Some dinner and a movie?
We could drive along the beach road
Stop and kiss beside the sea."
He said "Sorry, not tonight dear
You know I'd really like to, really
But the briefing is tomorrow
And I've got more work than you'd believe."

He said "Hon, c'mon outside
Let's watch the sunset from the back deck
I've opened you a cold one
Turned the bug lamp on for safety."
She yelled "Hey now, can't you see
This here house is a complete wreck
A pot roast's in the oven
And I've got to fold the laundry."

   In the darkness of a still night hour
   He whispered to her shadow
   He said "Girl, you know I love you
   You're so warm and sweet and lovely."
   She turned and gave a hidden grin
   And moved a little closer
   She said "Shut your mouth you big old goof
   And put your arms around me."
©Mike Runion, 1998