How To Write Sonnets In A Post-Medieval World

Jen keeps a diary underneath her pillow
Its filled with confessions of nights with dastardly fellows
In the late evening sun and the later evening shadows
She pencils in her secrets and thoughts
Did I mention that the diary has locks?

Ray keeps a journal in his back pocket
It contains the story of when he gave Jen the locket
And late at night he plugs himself into a socket
And scribbles in his secrets and fears
While tossing back his home-brewed beers

Sarah keeps an online album of digital photographs
Most make her sad but some they make her laugh
Especially the one with Ray passed out drunk naked on a raft
Frying red in the noonday sun
Yeah man that sure is a funny one...

Mike keeps a notebook with all of his songs
He forgets them good if he doesnt sing them for long
Hes got one about Jen and Ray and Sarah and all
And the crowd screams out and they want to sing along
They say I like it I like it I like it I like it...
  We like it We like it We like it We like it..."
©Mike Runion, 2002