Is This How It's Supposed To Be?

Is this how it's supposed to be?
I become you and you become me
Overexposed, so now we're free
Ain't it funny how two turn into three?

Is this how it's supposed to feel?
Being jerked along by rod and reel
A merciless hook jabbed right through my gill
Your wavy image above me and your grin of stainless steel

   I know you won't like the sentiments in this song
   Don't you worry your sexy self, there's nothing wrong
   It's just a fictional account from in my head
   It's not about you really, so just close your ears and go to bed

This is how it appears to me
From my vantage point high up in my tree
It's all just existentialist philosophy
You're centered in my sights, I count one..two...three...

Is this how it's supposed to go?
We line up our dominoes all in a pretty row
I flick my finger, hey man now, and start the show
Systematic crumbing, nice and real real slow
   I know this song probably sounds a bit familiar
   I think I might have stolen some cool chord progressions from you
   Or maybe a snippet from one of your sweet melodies
   But that should be alright, cause I wrote this song just for me
   Just for me

This is how it's supposed to be
I become you, and you become me
Overexposed for all to see
Ain't it funny how two turn into three
  Ain't it funny?
    Ain't it funny?
©Mike Runion, 1999