Mike Likes Life

I don't like money
I don't like games
I don't like the way that you bitch when it rains
I don't even like your name
I don't like Jesus
But he won't strike me down
Cause he knows I don't like Satan neither
Nor his minions down in hell
I don't like the way 
That you said goodbye
I don't like the way you left
Or the way that you lied
I don't like idiots
I don't like people with agendas
I don't like wastes of human flesh
I don't like...well...I don't like not to like

(But you say "Mike, well, what do you like?"
Hmmm...let me think...)

I like to sit around on the couch in the afternoon
Reading a good book, sipping a Mountain Dew
I like looking at the stars through a telescope
While eating chicken in my backyard
I like taking long ass drives up the coast
Just going on for miles and hours and miles and hours
I like slow hugs in whirlpools, chinese food
And acoustic guitars
I like to stretch and yawn and burp up a howl in the morning
And then just lie there and stare
I like the feel of a fine cotton shirt against my skin
And watching talky pretentious art films at night

I like life
I like life
Don't we all like life?
It's sorta fantastic and strange all at once

I like the way I wrote this song
In just five minutes
Got I hope this song doesn't sound like 
I wrote it in just five minutes
But I'm sure it does 
...and I say who the fuck cares...

Cause I like life...
©Mike Runion, 2003