Morning Wood
a love song about camping

We drive out to the country, the weekend is finally here
We park near two big boulders and we strap on our gear
We hike in about 3 miles and erect our camping site
And by a dying fire we crash for the night

We wake up early next morning and we pack up our tent
We eat griddle cakes for breakfast, and some little chocolate mints
The stars are nearly out of sight and the sky a frosty blue
I stand up tall and then I look at you

   (And say) Take me in your fragrant palm
   Let's stroll the morning wood
   The birds are chirping and the bees are out
   And I'd love it if you could
   Hold on to the morning wood (yeah)
   Open up your arms to the morning wood

The tinny babble of a nearby brook is music to our ears
You pick some morning glories as we spy a lonesome deer
You hold me hand as you skip along whistling in the air
Your touching winks show me you really care

As we make our way down long lost trails we speak about our love
I tell you you're my perfect girl, that you fit me like a glove
The forest is alive with song as the dawn moves into day
I stare at you and this is what I pray

   Open your mouth and take a big old gulp
   Of the sweet morning wood
   The air is fresh with the smell of rain
   And the world is clean and good
   Oh, taste the morning wood (yeah)
   Swallow in the warm buzz of morning wood


We finally reach the summit as the sun begins to show
A yellow patch of flowers in a field where the wind does blow
We stretch out on the dewey grass and we hold each other close
And I show you all the secrets that I know

   (And I) Take you with all my being
   As we explore the morning wood
   The dark crevaces of our souls
   The rushing power of our blood
   Oh, the glorious morning wood (yeah)
   Our love's alive in my deep and pulsing wood

And you say "Next time, let's try the Grand Canyon"
©Mike Runion, 1999