Naive Love Song
(the first song I ever wrote)

Hey where do I go?
The waves are slipping in on time
Hey where can I go?
This song is nothing without a rhyme
Hey were did you go?
Late last night when I was blind
I couldn't hear you
The stars left nothing more to find

    In the cold November rain
    I fear that winter's come again
    Hip hip hooray

Remember last Tuesday
We were tripping on the wine
I told you I loved you
You said it was just a game of mine
And then you swallowed
I heard you let out all your air
You silently left me
Well it's just not fucking fair
    In the dim light of the dawn
    The moon is all dried up and gone
    For another day

    The sky it is spinning
    A brilliant swirl of dusty time
    Everything's glowing
    The tide is washing off the grime

Hey where do we go?
A hidden place to fix your frown
Hey where can we go?
To feel that warm rain coming down
    In your arms I find again
    A little peace to call my friend
    We can get naked on the sand
    Surrender to each other's hands
    And drift away...
©Mike Runion, 1998