Oh Well (Fender)

The enchilada burned my lips
That cheesy sauce was wicked hot
So much for my clean white shirt
Now it's got a reddish spot
Oh well

Picking radishes in a radish lot
Got turned around and lost my keys
So much for my black blue jeans
Now they're soiled below the knees
Oh well

   Take this notion if you please
   That everything is somehow sorta connected
   Well so much for my peace of mind
   Looks like it's time now to be rejected
   Oh well

I took your car and went and wrecked it
That crazy fender looks like a work of art now
Like something on display in gay Pari
Like something snuck into a midnight Orlando park
Oh well

   I phoned you up on an outright lark
   Full of saying both clever and wry
   A tiny bird decided to hover about
   And drop white shit on my new nectie
   Oh well
   Oh well
   Oh well
©Mike Runion, 2000