Or So They Say

There's a world
A fuzzy blue world
Spinning round
Once a day
There's a moon
A pockmarked moon
Sorta airless
Furry and gray
There's a star
A brilliant star
Burning slowly
Not far away
And then there's space
Cold black space
With not much in it
Or so they say

There's a boy
A wrinkled strange boy
Stepping up
And outside to play
There's a girl
A puzzled looking girl
Face full of freckles
Singing away
There's a ghost
An old see-through ghost
Pushing up daisies in the yard
They're getting in my way
And then there's space
Cold black outer space
Very little in it
Or so they say

There's a man
An ancient man
He's painting murals
Of his yesterdays
He's sitting home
A ramshackle dome
Just off the starlane
Sorta tucked away
Just him and his dog
His old flying dog
That's got a left antenna
That's turning gray
And then there's space
Translucent space
And we're all in it
Spinning away

   But I don't believe it
   No I don't believe...it
   'Cause there's all this space
   Up here in my head
   I can't feel my body
   I must be dead
©Mike Runion, 2001