Peace, Love And Pride

You know that there’s people up there in the clouds
Lots of people
Living in mansions of gold and silver
And they’re looking down on us
Yes, they’re looking down on us
And every so often we pierce through their clouds
Blow right on past.  With a rocket
And sometimes those cloud people grab a hold of a booster or tail fin
And ride out with us into the cosmos
Cause we’re all looking for the same thing
We call it…
Peace, Love & Pride

And there’s people in the ground outside
They’ve been there for decades, centuries, millenia
There’s no skin anymore...mostly just bones
And late at night they rise up and look into our homes
And wonder just what the hell we’re doing
And you know what?
If they could
They’d give us a super-sized portion of
Peace, Love & Pride

There’s people all over this here Earth, as you know
Scampering around, fending for themselves
Trying to eat, drink, cum, get out of the rain
Some of them like to build skyscrapers
Some of them like to knock ‘em down
Some of them there people like to watch DVDs in air-conditioned homes
And eat star fruit and M&Ms and drink herbal teas
Some of them like to play, some of them like to tease
Some people like to do whatever it takes to please
And some people
Yeah, some people
Want to hand out mind-altering milligrams of
Peace, Love & Pride

There’s people up there in those clouds
Just floating by
They’d really like to give us
Peace, Love & Pride

Yo, Peace-Out!
©Mike Runion, 2003