Pieces Of You

You are the slow falling rain
On a spring afternoon
I am that spot in the sky
Reserved for the moon

You are the swell of the sea
When the boats have all gone
I am the silent wind blowing 
Across your waves at dawn
   You will lay next to me
   And you will not show
   I feel the blessed distress that is you
   And I need you to know

That I am the rumble of thunder
In the still mountain air
And you are the trickle of creeks
Flowing down alive and aware

I am the sun that burns brightly
Through a crack in the clouds
You are the forests that stretch
Over hills dark and proud

   Flowery sweet machines
   And pieces of gold
   A treasure of light and of love and of fear
   From the eons of old

   The world that is next to me
   And pieces of you
   The fabulous wash of the blood in my face
   The sparkling blue
   Two snowy mountain tops
   And the bridge inbetween
   And in a spot in the middle we kiss
   Together unseen
   As we dangle our feet in the steam
   As we dangle our feet, hands, heads in the steam
©Mike Runion, 1999