Rope Of Days

Thunder cracking stars desire to fall
Pick a stone hurl it at the wall
You with flowers lighting up your hair
Rosy cheeks red cotton underwear 
(under there)

Heat on heat the radiator blast
Rumbling far away it's coming fast
Soon to be and soon to nod away
Speak to me with nothing left to say
(Left to's right to say)

Long dead dog sleeping on the lawn
Stay alive and stay where you belong
Shiver cold the rain is slipping down
Extinguish fires ravaging this town
(this little town...this narrow town)

Starshine spaceship here we go to land
Hand in mind we'll scream out if we can
Dance a jig a temporary craze
Sliding down this silly rope of days
(rope of days...a Leonard Cohen phrase)

   Let's coin a phrase tonight
©Mike Runion, 2002
Available on the "Dust Me" CD-single