You And I

You and I
We'll stay together in the night
   that comes with the wind
You and I
We'll light the fire in the cold
   wet December again

You and I
Desperate and whole
You and I
We're floating down a long black endless hole
   in the side of it all

You and I, you and me
Let's go see what we can see
You and I, you and me
Cepia-toned in the glowing of the embers

You with your hair
You with your face
You with your body that moves all sleek and warm
   through my space
You with the light in your eyes
You with the warmth that fills the skies
You are the sun which revolves around
I am the moon which revolves around
I am the night
You are the day
I am the cracked and sticky clay
   with which you play
      and shape
         and mold
            and fashion a love that we both can hold

You and I
The firelight is growing dim
You and I
Let's hold each other close and drift to sleep
      again, again, again, again
©Mike Runion, 2000