Run screaming from...

An insidious chill lingers in the air, mingling with the smell of stale cigars and day-old bagels. In the corner beneath a dusty lamp rests a lurid paperback that you once owned a copy of in college. You pick it up and thumb through the yellowing pages as the warm strum of a guitar drifts to your ear and winds its way deep into your cortex, bringing the noise. A voice. You've heard him before. Somewhere. The other guy looks vaguely familiar. Someone you once dated? You settle down into the velour mushroom chair and pretend to focus on the players. One of them winks at you in a sick way, the other seems to be ignoring you.
"Bastards," you whisper.

A jovial compendium of Terry Kelly and Mike Runion
Original songs, 80's cover tunes, and the obligatory Dylan songs sung to a murky perfection

Oh My God! Where are they playing?

Reviews: (Recent Live Performances)

"These Bastards Suck Ass!" -Sister Shirley Shewood, St. Leo's School for Musical Psychotics and Emotionally Disturbed Poet/Philosophers

"This Shit is Bad" -Melvin (big fan!)

"At first I thought it was the food making me nauseous" -Bobby D., Tribeca

"So Bad it Almost Killed a Guy!" -Thrifty Nickel (Cocoa Edition)

"A perfect blend of James Taylor and John Lennon, with harmonies on par with Simon & Garfunkel" - Mom