How To Submit A Cone To The Museum:

  1. "All I've got is my cone..."
    If you don't have a lot of fancy equipment and software, don't worry. Grab your camera (or borrow a friends) and set your cone up in a well-lit area, preferably against a white background. Take a picture of all six sides and anything else of interest (signature, date, number, glued goody on top, etc). Get the film developed and email me ( for where to send the prints. I'll scan in the snapshots and take it from there. If you'd like the pictures returned, just enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Also include a sheet of paper specifying your name, the venue, city and date of the Robyn show where you purchased the cone. Number the pictures on the back so I know what order they go in.

  2. "Wait, I do have a video camera..."
    Videotape your cone from all sides, keeping the camera still on each image for at least a ten (10) seconds. Email me ( my snailmail address and send me the tape. I'll take it from there. I can work with either VHS or 8mm video. If you'd like the tape returned, enclose $1 to help cover return postage. Include a sheet of paper specifying your name, address, and the venue, city and date of the Robyn show where you purchased the cone.

  3. "I've got access to a scanner..."
    Great! Take some snapshots of your cone and scan them in. Save the scans in .gif non-interlaced format onto a disk. You can either snailmail me the disk (Email me at for my address) or try and send me the .gifs as email attachments (one attachment per email, please). I'll take it from there. Or, better yet, search the Web for animated .gif shareware programs (GIF Constuction Set is a good one for Windows), make the animated .gif yourself, and get that to me somehow (see below).

  4. "Hang on...I can do everything myself...just tell me how to get it in the Museum!"
    Well, at the moment, I have no place for you to anonymously FTP the file or files. If the animated .gif is not too large (~50K or so), you can try emailing it to me ( as an attachment. If you have a personal Web Page, just post it there and email me the URL. I'll stop by your page and copy it down.

Cones presented without permission.
All cone artwork © Robyn Hitchcock.